The Crew

It all started with Toast...

... but it seems like barkeep has a thing for taking in stray space creatures.

Rumor has it some species may have originated from Mazz Labs.

Mort the Bloodshot Bulldog

Usually the first creature patrons meet since the werewolf bouncer decided he needed a best boy.

[Top-of-the-line breed directly from the underworld.]

Hexed by Arie at LF

Techno the Saturn Dog

Part dog, part planet, part AI? Techno is the musical answer.

[Toast's new best friend.]

Hexed here using ML file

Tonk the Flamintonk

Very rotund. Begs for food often.

[Can identify a flamer on sight.]

Pompom the Rainbow Zott

Has actually been here the whole time, scrounging and stealing any nugs in sight.

[Sneaky. Can suction-cup to the ceiling.]

Splinter the Swamp Alley

The oldest and crustiest of the crew. Splinter came to the bar a raggedy mess and intends to stay that way.

[Might warm up one day. Maybe.]

Hexed here using ML file

Lizar the Rainbow Skorch

Sings low tones that are inexplicably soothing.

[In a lez situationship with Pompom.]

The Oracle
the swampthing

Resident fortuneteller.

[Knew this day would come.]

Trip the PCPCAT

Knows all about having a good time. Will cuddle up only to those having a bad time.

[Mortal enemies with Tonk.]

Spider the scaredy

Rarely seen. Watches from the darkest shadows.

[The fearless feasts on fear.]

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